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AMETEK Rotron, El Cajon has nearly thirty years experience in the field of custom air movers and heat exchangers. Originally known as Frank Hill Associates (FHA, Inc.), this division was acquired by EG&G Rotron in 1983, and is now a division of AMETEK Rotron Military and Aerospace Products. Initially our products were developed for US Navy shipboard applications. Our facility has since diversified into providing custom air movers for military vehicles, avionics ground support equipment, and cooling system integration.


We provide solutions using three types of capabilities: Engineered Solutions, Build-to-Print Capability and Redesign Capability.

  • For Engineered Solutions, we utilize our engineering resources to augment our customers' engineering resources to optimize each unique design. Together with our customers' engineering personnel, we determine the technical requirements, provide assistance with aerodynamic selection to maximize efficiency, and find the best solution. We build prototypes to prove the design and develop detail drawings to manufacture parts. We also assist with qualification testing, develop an acceptance test procedure, and provide a complete assembly to a JIT schedule.
  • For Build-to-Print Capability we use our customers' existing designs and drawings and perform all subassembly work. We utilize existing parts lists and vendors, and assemble, test and deliver to a JIT schedule.
  • For Redesign Capability we use our customers' existing design and work with their engineering personnel to reduce the cost and/or enhance the performance. For example, a change as simple as a minor modification in sheet metal can improve the fan efficiency and reduce the noise.

We have in-house testing capabilities for aerodynamic performance in accordance with AMCA 210 and can measure flow ranges from 3 CFM up to 5000 CFM. In addition we offer aerodynamic testing for measuring the actual impedance of the system. Additional testing capabilities include acoustic and structure borne noise, thermal performance, shock, vibration, EMI, salt fog, humidity, low and high temperatures, and workmanship screening.

AMETEK Rotron, El Cajon maintains a model shop for in-house prototyping to support rapid turnaround requirements during project development. This allows for verification of form, fit and function in the early stages in order to avoid delays during the engineering/pre-production phases of a project. Our Engineering and design staff works with our customers during the development phase to optimize the design from a performance/cost standpoint, to ensure that the final product is cost effective and meets all of the required parameters.

Our quality system is in accordance with ISO 9001 as well as MIL-I-45208. Continuous surveillance of vendors and in-house processes ensure a high quality product that will meet the most stringent of requirements demanded by the industries we serve.

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