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Fan And Blower Devices

Propeller Fan

Propeller Fans have sheet metal blades, usually four or more in number, curved to provide aerodynamic Lift, arranged without blade overlap. These fans operate best at free delivery or very low static pressures.

Tubeaxial Fan

  Tubeaxial Fans are integrated axial flow air moving devices in which the motor in which the motor rotor is cast inside the impeller to achieve the smallest possible axial dimension. Higher aerodynamic performance and efficiencies can be achieved with these true airfoil blade designs. These fans operate near free delivery, but can achieve static pressures above those of the propeller fans.

Small Vaneaxial Fan

  Small Vaneaxial Fans have higher-pressure building capabilities than tubeaxial fans. They utilize the same style inverted motor that allows for very high-speed operation due to the small diameters. The pressure capability of these fans is the result of both the use of stationary guide vanes located upstream or downstream of the impeller and the high speeds.

Large Vaneaxial Fan

  Large Vaneaxial Fans employ the same aerodynamic principles of small vaneaxial, but are capable of much higher flows and pressures. Additional aerodynamic techniques, such as two stage and mixed flow impellers, can be employed. High performance conventional style motors are utilized to also achieve high-speed operation. Special care is take to minimize the noise associated with these high performance devices.

Centrifugal Blowers

  Centrifugal Blowers intake air axially and then deliver it radially, after being accelerated by the impeller blades, to a tangential outlet. The outer scroll decelerates the air, converting the velocity pressure to static pressure. These blowers deliver moderate to high flow rates at pressures up to 4 or 5 inches wg . Speeds are somewhat limited by load and construction.

Radial Wheel Blowers

  Radial Wheel Blowers are a subset of the centrifugal style. Radial wheels have a relatively small number of long thin blades that may be slightly backward inclined. Inlets and outlets are small due to the relatively small flow rates. These blowers are employed for their pressure building capability at these low flow rates.

Multistage Blower

  Multistage Blowers provide high pressures at relatively high flow rates, but at the low rotational speeds of 60 Hz motors. These blowers employ several radial bladed wheels that add pressure serially as the air passes from one wheel to the next, discharging the high pressure at the outlet.

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