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Sensors & Fluid Management Systems
Electrical Power Distribution Systems & Components, Data Acquisition, Indicators & Displays
Thermal Management Components
Thermal Management Systems

Sensors & Fluid Management Systems

  • Air Data System Components
    AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has supplied Air Data system Components, including Angle of Attack Sensors and Stall Warning Computers, for over 30 years. The Total Air ProbeTM provides information on Angle of Attack, Total Air Temperature, Pitot Pressure, and Static Pressure in one single sensor package, reducing the number of different sensors required to collect Air Data information and simplifying the system.

  • Airframe Sensor Suites
    Building on sensors suitable for difficult aircraft engine environments, AMETEK Aerospace & Defense offers a wide range of sensor products designed for aircraft fluid systems and airframe applications.

  • Engine & APU Lube System Components
    With its extensive sensor offering, AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is well positioned to support a range of products for aircraft Lube Oil Systems.

  • Engine Sensor Suites
    AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is the premier supplier of Aircraft Engine Sensors, with the widest range of sensors available in the market today.

  • Environmental Control System Components
    Reliable sensing solutions for ECS systems, including pressure and temperature transducers.

  • Fuel System Components
    Highly engineered, high reliability Fuel Management Systems and components. AMETEK's Fuel Gauging Systems are based on extensive applications experience on a wide range of platforms including UAVs, Business Jets, Helicopters, Military Jets and Large Transport category aircraft.

  • Hydraulic System Components
    A full suite of sensors are offered for Aircraft Hydraulic Systems including temperature, pressure, and level transducers and switches.

  • Potable Water System Components
    AMETEK Aerospace & Defense offers proven level sensors and system controls, designed for use in aircraft Potable Water Systems.

  • Waste System Components
    AMETEK has extensive experience with aircraft Waste Level Sensors that offer high reliability operation, a key component of passenger comfort, especially during long flights.

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