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Heater and Fan Heaters

Airscrew has developed a range of heaters and fan heaters for aerospace applications with a wide range of heating outputs. Heaters and Fan heaters can be supplied to suit all standard and special duct configurations or as stand alone heaters. Airscrew fan heaters are designed to have a very low noise signature and, where necessary, provide sufficient airflow and pressure for use with ductwork, discharge louvers and air filters. The units can also be provided with their own resilient mountings.

Airscrew heaters are of lightweight and robust construction. According to the application requirements, fan heaters can be configured for 28 VDC (commutated or brushless), or single/three phase 400 Hz supply. Heater elements can be supplied with 28 VDC, 270 VDC, 115/200 VAC supplies. Power ratings range from125W up to 6 kW and are fully protected by thermal switches that can interface with on-board aircraft systems to isolate the heater in the event of a malfunction.

Fan heaters are normally fitted with mixed flow fans that have low sound pressure levels and do not generate discrete tonal noise. Heater elements are designed for safety and low-pressure and to ensure that surface temperatures are always limited to acceptable levels. The heat source can be specified from three main technologies;

  • Heater rods – high resistance wire, hermetically sealed within a stainless steel tube.
  • Silicone / Kapton mats - high resistance wire, sandwiched between layers of glass reinforced silicone rubber.
  • PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) elements - metal coated ceramic chips
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