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Motors and Generators AC, DC

Mil Vehicle Motors 1
Military Vehicle Motors

AMETEK Airscrew motor designs include compact and powerful permanent magnet brushed DC motors and incorporate advanced materials for high power/size (power density) ratio. Airscrew's brushless DC motors are widely recognised for their reliability and durability and for all the benefits of tailored performance resulting from controlled speed.

Established product lines include motors for turret indexing, gun elevation, pumps, compressors and actuator drives for armoured doors. Output power ranges from 20W up to 15kW. Output torque ranges up to 50Nm. Fixed and variable speed options are available with maximum speeds up to 24,000 rpm. Other options include fixed and variable speed, variable voltage armature control and totally enclosed motors with output drive shafts to suit individual applications.

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Aero Motors
Aerospace Motors

AMETEK Airscrew have a wide range of existing motors covering a number of applications including propeller feathering, standby generators, flap actuation and hydraulic pump drives. Airscrew's experienced enginerering team offers the option of customising our existing designs, or offering original state-of-the-art solutions to specific requirements.

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Aerospace Generators

AMETEK Airscrew can also design and manufacture air and oil-cooled AC and DC electrical generating systems and emergency power systems. The same advanced magnetic materials are used for minimum size and mass whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability required by the aerospace industry.

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