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Fans Large Vaneaxial

68mm Axial Fan
AS68mm to 90mm Axial Flow Fans

AMETEK Airscrew offer a range of medium sized Axial Flow Fans from 68m to 90mm, suitable for 115 and 200 Volt / 3 Phase / 400Hz and 28 Volt DC power supplies and with various performance and features.

Applications of these fans include Gun Smoke extraction and equipment cooling in military vehciles and Avionics Cooling in Aircraft.

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Axial Fan Large
AS110mm to 305mm Axial Flow Fans

AMETEK Airscrew offer a range of large Axial Flow Fans from 110mm to 90mm, suitable for 200 Volt / 3 Phase / 400Hz and 28 Volt DC power supplies and with various performance and features.

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Maxiax 3.00 - 13.80

MAXIAX® fans provide relatively high flows against high impedance in a compact axial flow package. They operate at high rotational speeds, typically with 400 Hz motors or internal ECDC brushless motors. MAXIAX fans are extremely efficient and highly customizable, allowing for precise airflow design.

MAXIAX® fans are typically utilized to cool airborne radar and other devices with high power transmitters. They are also employed as evaporator/condenser fans in environmental controls systems and to duct air to various aircraft avionics bays, cockpit displays and cabin compartments, MAXIAX fans are also used extensively in general aviation aircraft, military vehicles and shelters and shipboard applications.

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Vmax 70 - 200+ Vaneaxial Fans

Vmax Vaneaxial Fans comprise a combination of rotating impeller and stationary guide vanes, housed within an axial duct known as the fan case. The function of the guide vanes is to increase the pressure capability of the fan. Higher aerodynamic efficiencies are achieved with true airfoil blade designs.

These fans typically operate up to the aerodynamic stall point. The axial configuration allows easy installation into ducted systems, with cooling air passing over the integral motor, allowing compact motor design with high power demand in small packages. The Vaneaxial designs are suitable for operation in severe environments, including sand scavenge applications.

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Airmax 65 - 100+ Airmax Fans

The characteristics of a Mixed Flow Fan combines the high flow of an Axial fan with the high pressure of a Centrifugal. It provides a solution where combined high pressure and flows are a requirement. The geometry of a Mixed Flow Fan provides a negligible stall characteristic and is ideally suited to applications such as cooling densely packed electronic equipment, or systems having high or variable resistance such as filters. Also, because of the impeller geometry, Mixed Flow Fans produce less noise compared to Axial fans, making them ideal for use in crew or passenger areas.

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