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Airflow Switch
Airflow Switch

The Rotron Model 2C Airflow Switch is actuated by air velocity rather than air pressure. It is designed for easy mounting on the outside of an air duct with a small light weight stainless steel vane protruding through a hole in the duct into the airstream. The switch can be used as interlock for on off purposes or as a marginal safety device where the electrical contacts are operated at a predetermined minimum flow air.

The switch is designed for commercial applications but has been used satisfactorily on certain military projects. Its acceptability on military projects is left to the evaluation of the purchaser.
Operates reliably in ambient temperatures of  35ºC to +85ºC

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Fan Performance Sensors

Thermal management of electronic package has become increasingly challenging as package sizes have been decreased and circuit complexity has increased.  Provision for continuous supply of cooling airflow through complex systems requires monitoring and remote warning of potential airflow interruption, to avoid critical internal temperature increases within the electronic system.

Used in a conjunction with Rotron’s Low Speed Warning Detector (LSWD) a Fan Performance Sensor (FPS) equipped fan provides both monitoring and remote warning capabilities.  Should fan speed be reduced or interrupted for any reason, these FPS / LSWD systems allow for early warning and detection.  Warning procedures can be activated including back-up cooling, visual or audible alarms, system shut down or other warnings.

At the heart of the FPS is a Hall Effect device which detects the presence of a specific magnetic field associated with an encoded magnet which is built into the rotor prop.  This device emits a pulsed output proportional to the RPM.

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Finger Guards

All finger guards are stainless steel (SS), electro-polished (EP), with UL spacing (UL) unless otherwise noted on the pdf file below.

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Mounting Hardware - Synclamps / Panel Clamps

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Power Conversion

Rotron has a variety of converters and inverters that enable operation of traditional Rotron fans and blowers, when alternate power sources are available.

The converter (identified by the Rotron trademark, Deltac®) is an electronics frequency-changer, which converts an AC input of one frequency to a different frequency required to drive a specific motor design. Since AC induction motor speed is directly proportional to the input frequency, the use of a Deltac ensures delivery of the specific frequency required to obtain a given motor speed, regardless of the input line frequency to the Deltac. For example, this can allow 400 Hz  fan performance, when only 60 Hz source frequency is available.  Deltacs can also operate multiple fan loads.

The inverter (identified by the Rotron trademark, Batac®, pronounced “Bay-Tack”) is a power conversion device that changes DC voltage to AC voltage.  This allows operation of an AC motor with a DC input. The use of such a device eliminates sensitive application-specific problems, such as EMI interference, and other reliability concerns.

Both Batacs and Deltacs are designed to accommodate the power load of specific fans. These devices are enclosed in solder-sealed, or resin-filled cases which generally range in a package size measuring one-inch cube, to 2.50” x 3.50” x 5.06”.  They can be further adapted, on special order, to provide multiple speeds, drive multiple fans, and conform to the user’s needs and/or specifications. 
The unit is housed in a cold-rolled steel box which has been hot tin-dipped.  Standard finish is flat black enamel, but other finishes are available per customer request.

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