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Sensors & Fluid Management Systems
Electrical Power Distribution Systems & Components, Data Acquisition, Indicators & Displays
Thermal Management Components
Thermal Management Systems

Engine & APU Lube System Components

Temperature Sensors

AMETEK’s Temperature sensors provide output readings proportional to temperature for a variety of fluid system applications.  They also provide custom packaging to protect the sensor while allowing flexible installation into a variety of aircraft systems.  Temperature measurement can be accomplished using thermocouple or resistance temperature device (RTD) techniques depending upon system interface, temperature, or accuracy considerations.

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Pressure Transducers

AMETEK has provided hundreds of thousands of pressure transducers based on various technologies.  Our latest units utilize patent pending Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology that provides high accuracy and long term stability over the widest temperature range.  Pressure transducers are suitable for the tough environment found in aircraft engines as well as more benign air frame system applications.  Units are fully qualified to DO 160 and DO 178 software requirements if applicable.

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System Harnesses

AMETEK Aerospace has manufactured electrical harness assemblies since the 1940’s. Our assemblies can be found in submarines, aircraft, and space applications. We have the experience and capability to produce electrical harness assemblies for virtually any application,whether it is a missile ignition assembly, aircraft actuator assembly or simply a generic electrical harness for a land-based power generation gas turbine. Continuous improvement in technology enables us to improve the durability of our electrical harness assemblies in high performance applications in extreme environments.

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LVDT Position Transducers

Reliable and accurate position sensors for aircraft engine, flight control surface, and landing gear position monitoring applications.

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Oil Level Sensors

Rugged, reliable Oil Level Sensors are offered in both potentiometric and capacitance designs.  Both types offer high accuracy, value, and reliability.  These flexible designs are modular in nature, and offer a wide variety of mechanical and electrical interface options.  Simple, rugged construction means long life in aircraft applications.

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Hydaulic Reservoir
Reservoirs & Tanks

AMETEK provides custom designed reservoirs and tanks for a variety of aircraft fluid system applications.  Offering a fully integrated solution, AMETEK provides all functional elements including reservoir sizing, optimized component selection, and integration for lowest weight and cost.

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Pressure Switches

AMETEK provides a variety of pressure and level switches based on reliable reed-switch or capacitance technology.  The latest offering includes solid state pressure switches based on SOI pressure transducer technology.

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The field portable CONPAR fluid condition monitoring system provides fast and accurate assessment of particulate contamination in fluids allowing appropriate action to be taken promptly, enhancing the life and reliability of the equipment. Throughout the world, in oilfields, in manufacturing plants, on airfields and on board ships, wherever the protection of critical components in fluid systems is required CONPAR is the low cost solution of choice.

The long established comparison method is at the heart of the CONPAR fluid condition monitoring system. First a metered sample is taken from the fluid system using the CONPAR Field Fluid Sampling Set. The sample is then transferred to a specimen slide for analysis using the microscope from the CONPAR Particle Comparison Kit. By comparing the sample with a calibrated Master Slide any differences in the density of contamination are readily apparent and the cleanliness of the fluid system is established.

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G_C Analysis
Gravimetric/Colormetric Analysis

The Field Sampling set can also be used to to take samples for either Gravimetric or Colormetric analysis, commonly used for sampling aviation fuels.

Samples can be returned to AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies labarotory for analysis if required.

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