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Sensors & Fluid Management Systems
Electrical Power Distribution Systems & Components, Data Acquisition, Indicators & Displays
Thermal Management Components
Thermal Management Systems

Engine Sensor Suites

Speed Sensors

AMETEK has an extensive RPM sensor background with more than 30 years of aircraft applications. In fact, we can measure RPM in all turbine applications. This experience of producing many different types of RPM sensors can solve your speed measurement needs.

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Temperature Sensors

AMETEK’s Temperature sensors provide output readings proportional to temperature for a variety of fluid system applications.  They also provide custom packaging to protect the sensor while allowing flexible installation into a variety of aircraft systems.  Temperature measurement can be accomplished using thermocouple or resistance temperature device (RTD) techniques depending upon system interface, temperature, or accuracy considerations.

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Pressure Transducers

AMETEK has provided hundreds of thousands of pressure transducers based on various technologies.  Our latest units utilize patent pending Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology that provides high accuracy and long term stability over the widest temperature range.  Pressure transducers are suitable for the tough environment found in aircraft engines as well as more benign air frame system applications.  Units are fully qualified to DO 160 and DO 178 software requirements if applicable.

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Fuel Flow Transmitters

For over 50 years AMETEK has been providing accurate, reliable transmitters for fuel flow measurement.  AMETEK has a solid presence with true mass flow transmitters for higher flow requirements of commercial and military aircraft with flow ranges up to the highest flows found in refueling tanker applications. For business jet and UAV applications, AMETEK introduces its new TurboMassTM Flow Meter, a turbine flow meter with built in digital electronics that provides a mass flow output directly to the aircraft system.

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Engine Harnesses

AMETEK has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and applying gas turbine temperature measurement systems. That experience has made AMETEK a world leader in the supply of qualified thermocouple systems to the aerospace and land/marine industry. AMETEK thermocouple reliability and performance means more power when needed, longer engine life, and lower cost of ownership.

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Pressure Switches

AMETEK provides a variety of pressure and level switches based on reliable reed-switch or capacitance technology.  The latest offering includes solid state pressure switches based on SOI pressure transducer technology.

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Piezoelectric Accelerometers

With over fifty years of experience, AMETEK's piezoelectric accelerometers are available in all three modes of operation: compression, shear and bender, to match the needs of the specific application. Designed for a wide range of temperatures, environments, frequency responses and sensitivities, the accelerometers have high accuracy, ultra-low cross axis sensitivity and are isolated from mounting forces and thermal transients. Available in many different configurations, the accelerometers employ fully-welded construction for enhanced reliability and isolation from demanding environments.

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LVDT Position Transducers

Reliable and accurate position sensors for aircraft engine, flight control surface, and landing gear position monitoring applications.

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Capacitive Oil Sensor
Oil Level Sensors

Rugged, reliable Oil Level Sensors are offered in both potentiometric and capacitance designs.  Both types offer high accuracy, value, and reliability.  These flexible designs are modular in nature, and offer a wide variety of mechanical and electrical interface options.  Simple, rugged construction means long life in aircraft applications.

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Total Air Temperature Sensors

TAT Sensors also utilize AMETEK’s experience with aircraft engine air temperature monitoring sensors. TAT Sensors create optimal flow conditions to monitor total air temperature while ensuring that icing conditions do not interfere with sensor readings.

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Hydaulic Reservoir
Reservoirs & Tanks

AMETEK provides custom designed reservoirs and tanks for a variety of aircraft fluid system applications.  Offering a fully integrated solution, AMETEK provides all functional elements including reservoir sizing, optimized component selection, and integration for lowest weight and cost.

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