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AS37mm Axial Flow Fans

High performance 37mm Axial Flow Fan designed to satisfy the cooling requirements of aerospace and defence electronic cooling applications. The motor housing and impeller are moulded in a reinforced polyethersulphone material to minimise weight. Fan drive is provided by a continuously rated totally enclosed induction motor which is bonded into the motor housing. The unit is cam clip mounted, at its inlet or outlet. Panel fixing clamps are supplied for use.

AS48mm Axial Flow Fans

High Performance 48mm Axial Flow Fan designed to satisfy the cooling requiremetns of the aerospace and defence electronic cooling applications. This Fan is availanble for 200V / 3 ph/ 400 Hz and 28 Volts DC power supplies.

AS50mm Axial Flow Fans

50mm Axial Flow Fan impeller mounted on the shaft of a brushless 28 Volt DC motor which is integral within the fan case duct and downstream guide vanes. The impeller and fan case are cast in high strength aluminium alloy.

AS68mm to 90mm Axial Flow Fans

AMETEK Airscrew offer a range of medium sized Axial Flow Fans from 68m to 90mm, suitable for 115 and 200 Volt / 3 Phase / 400Hz and 28 Volt DC power supplies and with various performance and features.

Applications of these fans include Gun Smoke extraction and equipment cooling in military vehciles and Avionics Cooling in Aircraft.


Fan Heaters/Military Vehicle

To provide a simple solution suitable for retrofit or incorporation into the original environmental control system, AMETEK Airscrew offers a range of fan heaters suitable for military vehicles. These fan heaters are capable of a wide range of heat outputs and supply sufficient air velocity and pressure to feed duct work and discharge louvres. Their high-pressure capability also makes them suitable for spot heating in addition to conventional ducted systems.

 Additional applications include demistting of windows and sighting systems. Options and alternatives include special noise attenuation, solid state relay controls, inlet guards and EMC protection.

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