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Apr 09, 2009

Contact: Mike Paskerian 425-844-2266

WILMINGTON, MA – AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has been selected to provide hydraulic pressure transducers, hydraulic temperature sensors, flight data system accelerometers and a suite of cooling fans for the ultra-long range, technologically advanced Gulfstream G650 business jet.

"We are extremely pleased to participate in the development of this advanced new aircraft," notes Wes Hardin, President, AMETEK Electronic Instruments. "The G650 offers the longest range, fastest speed, largest cabin and most advanced cockpit and cabin environment in the Gulfstream fleet. Compared with competitive products in similar applications, our products aboard the G650 provide Gulfstream with significant improvements in weight, reliability and overall value."

At the core of AMETEK’s advanced hydraulic pressure transducer is AMETEK’s innovative Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) pressure-sensing technology, which offers superior accuracy, temperature performance and life cycle reliability versus competitive transducer technologies.<

"Only AMETEK SOI-based transducers incorporate a patent-pending Field Shield™ that eliminates accuracy drift over extended cycles and elevated temperatures—a critical factor in the proper monitoring and performance of hydraulic systems," comments Mr. Hardin.

"This unique design improvement allows AMETEK SOI-based transducers to remain within design accuracy appreciably longer than competing transducers, resulting in more accurate system performance with reduced weight and reduced cost of ownership for aircraft operators."

Gulfstream also selected for the G650 AMETEK’s hydraulic temperature sensor. The G650’s sensor package incorporates a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) temperature sensor based on AMETEK’s long proven product line.

Proven reliable in large commercial aircraft, regional jets and business aircraft with decades of flight time logged, AMETEK’s single-axis accelerometer was selected to support the G650’s flight data recording system. The AMETEK accelerometer plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of the aircraft and the collection of the live flight data by monitoring the vertical axis response of the G650’s three-axis fly-by-wire flight control system. Similar AMETEK accelerometers have performed successfully on a number of other Gulfstream aircraft.

The G650 program is yet another in the long history of Gulfstream aircraft to fly with AMETEK’s cooling fans and fan speed warning devices. In this case, five different fan models provide cooling for nine applications throughout the aircraft. In addition, AMETEK’s fan speed sensor is used for six of the critical applications to provide the pilot with notification in the event of a failure or blockage of the fan or local cooling system.

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is a leading supplier of engine and aircraft monitoring systems, data acquisition units, fuel and fluid measurement systems, engine and airframe sensors, cables, harness assemblies, avionics blowers, fans, and heat transfer and cooling systems. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME), a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $2.5 billion.

For more information, contact AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, 50 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA 01887. Phone: 978-988-4639. Fax: 215-293-8996. E-mail: aerosales@ametek.com. Web Site:<


Click here for a hi-res image of G650 hydraulic pressure and temperature sensors

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