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Low-Cost, Lightweight Probe Provides Accurate and Reliable Fuel Measurement

Oct 18, 2004

CONTACT: Laura Dion (978) 988-4639

WILMINGTON, MA - AMETEK Aerospace & Defense -a recognized leader in custom aircraft fluid gauging systems--has developed a new generation of active liquid-level probes that offers significant weight and cost savings, while providing distinct performance advantages over alternative fuel gauging technologies.

 AMETEK’s next-generation probe design offers the advantages of its earlier active fuel probes with added benefits and features.  These include reduced minimum gauging height (improving system accuracy), insulating end cap (permitting closer skin spacing), all electronic calibration (no mechanical potentiometers), self-shielding design, and easy-to-read laser-engraved nameplate data.

 “AMETEK’s active fuel probes stand out from the competition in terms of performance.  However, until the development of our latest generation probes, they were heavier and more costly than competitive technologies,” notes Andrew Valko, Director of Product Development and Support for AMETEK Aerospace & Defense.

AMETEK ‘s active fuel probes are a well-proven design that utilizes highly accurate and reliable capacitance measurement. Its robust signal eliminates the effects of stray capacitance - a weakness of alternative gauging technologies. That robust signal also improves the system’s immunity to EMI, lightning, and HIRF interference. AMETEK probes have extensive built-in tests with fault isolation to individual probes. (The system is factory calibrated, eliminating the need for on-aircraft calibration.)

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is a leader in engine and aircraft monitoring systems, data acquisition units, fuel and fluid measurement systems, cockpit instruments and displays, engine and airframe sensors, cables, harness assemblies, avionics blowers, fans, and heat transfer and cooling systems.  It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annualized sales of more than $1.2 billion.

 For more information, contact AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, 50 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA 01887. Phone: 978-988-4639. Fax: 978-988-4944. E-mail: aerosales@ametek.com . Web Site:http://www.ametekaerospace.com.

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